"Himalaya and other days" by Ezhilarasan E. in The Hindu !

Artist Ezhilarasan’s works echo his journeys, dreams and musings of the heart

The collection of paintings ‘Himalaya and other days’ is artist Ezhilarasan’s dreams pictured on canvas.

The complete green paint with white colour bordering the canvas or the grey acrylic and oil paint on canvas exhibited at the Himalaya and other days can be intriguing. “Dreams are always hazy. In my dreams I do not see the details and everything is obscure. Through my paintings, I only capture that,” says Ezhilarasan.

He added that the works exhibited at the Kalinka Art Gallery are the reflections of his journey to Himalaya and other places. There are nearly 29 paintings exhibited at the gallery.

Based in Puducherry, the artist completed two-year certificate course in Arts and Crafts at the Bharathiar Palkalai Koodam in Puducherry in 1999. Later, he completed B.F.A. in visual communication and design from the same college. He also has a M.F.A degree in Painting from Government College of Fine Arts in Chennai and an M.Phil in Performing Arts (Drama) from the Pondicherry University.

“I try to challenge conventional precepts of art appreciation and speak from the heart....through my works I break down all preconceived notions of aesthetics and seek to express myself spontaneously, sometimes aimlessly,” he adds.

He has participated in several group and solo shows and currently freelances as an artist in Pondicherry, to name a few shows: a V5 group show at the Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai in 2012 and Solo Show at Gallery 360 in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala in 2012. And solo Exhibitions from 2002 until now at Alliance Française of Trivandrum. Some of his works were exhibited in France including Galerie Lee, Paris; Galerie Ateliers Sienne, Paris.

He was been awarded 'Young Talent Artist by Governor of Tamil Nadu and Lt. Governor of Puducherry.