In "Auroville Today"

The Mother once described Sri Aurobindo as having “a face from eternity”. That same quality of deep spiritual timelessness pervades many of the photographs in Aurovilian Olivier Barot’s photo exhibition that premiered on 4th August in the new Kalinka Gallery in Pondicherry. Entitled India, Land of Light, the exhibition is a retrospective of photographs taken by Olivier over the past twenty five years, part of an ongoing project. It features scenes from sacred and historical sites like Varanasi, Rameswaram, Khajuraho, Hampi and Mahabalipuram.

However, these are much more than tourist snaps. Through evocative sculptures of gods and dancers, luminous river scenes and haunting landscapes, as well as through the expressions and postures of the people inhabiting these places, they capture and illumine India’s ‘inscape’, that eternal zone of stillness, wisdom and light that underlies the bustle and frenzy of modern India. Their cumulative effect is to transform the Kalinka Gallery on Rue du Bazar Saint Laurent into an oasis of calm, a still point in the turning world.

Beautifully photographed and curated, India, Land of Light is the first part of a two-part exhibition. Part two will be held in Citadines from next February.


India, Land of Light can be viewed at the Kalinka Gallery at 14, Rue du Bazar Saint Laurent, Pondicherry, until the 4th October. For more information and photo sales, contact or