Right up your Rue: Your Weekend Guide to Pondy



When driving down to Pondy, don’t be distracted by super-size hoardings of superheroes and blockbuster movies, all featuring the same person! The city goes banner-mad around the time of the CM’s birthday. Keep your eye on the road and you’ll find there’s plenty to do, yet more quiet than what you will find in the following.

Tour India’s temples through an artistic lens:

At first glimpse, it is easy to mistake what lies within the frames as charcoal sketches, pencil drawings or watercolour paintings. But ‘India, land of light’ is an exhibition of photographs by Auroville-based Olivier Barot. Around 50 photos hang at the city’s new space for art, Kalinka, on Rue Bazar St. Laurent.

Sunsets at Hampi, dawn at Orchha, sculptures at Elephanta, the famed art of Khajuraho and the engravings at Thanjavur, the photos are what Oliver Barot has captured through his lens, over his travels across India in the span of 20 years. This is the second exhibit at Kalinka which visualizes itself as a space for a mix of local and international artists, says Karine Pelade, the proprietor and curator.

Call 0413 233 6976 for details.

The expo is open on all days, except Mondays from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. till October.