Galleries where passion and expression blend

Karine Pelade is among the growing community of expatriates settled in Puducherry, pursuing their passion head on. Though she practised law in Paris for 12 years, she knew art was her cup of tea, having imbibed a love for it early on from her mother who was an artist and art teacher. She discovering art exhibitions and museums quite young, and has always been surrounded by artists, she says. “Being an artist is probably the life choice I respect the most, whatever the form of art,” she says.

An inside view of the Kalinka Art Gallery in Puducherry. — Photos: S.S. Kumar

Being attracted to places which have a history of creolisation, Puducherry figured on her travel list when she quit law to travel and write. After several visits since 2009, she eventually opened the Kalinka Art Gallery on Rue du Bazar Saint Laurent around two months ago.

“The idea of opening an art gallery just appeared spontaneously a few years ago as something that would make a link between my passions, qualifications and experience,” she says.